Books don’t write themselves.

As someone who’s written a novel, self-published it, later figured out that it was really more of a manuscript, and then gone back to complete the thing, I know how hard it is to finish a book. I can help you get through the whole process, and make sure the book you’re putting out there is what you deserve.

Working with you really early on means I can help you find people to read your writing, and you can see both your strengths, and weaknesses of your words on the page. I can also help you organize your manuscript, and help you find your voice.

You might not be a “bestseller” and get to retire out of the gate, but you’ll get out there and start valuable conversations as the person who wrote that book. And once your book is launched, those initial conversations are what help you grow your reputation, generate sales, and they’re the most rewarding part of having obsessed over the words on the page.

This package is about getting you excited to commit words to the page, and to help you write about it to attract the write attention.

The big question you need to ask: Am I excited about this book?