Writer to Writer: Amy Edwards

Writer to Writer is a brief feature in which I email a writer and ask a quick question about writing. Simple enough, right?

So with today’s Writer to Writer, I connected with a fellow Austinite on Twitter who embodies everything about being a creative hustler in the digital age. You can check out her website here to learn more about her work.

Amy has her hands in music, writing, podcasting, performing, acting, and basically any other creative outlet you can think of and you should check her out.

Being the type of guy who hates writing… okay, let me qualify that. I hate banging my head against a wall and most of what I write is downright terrible, but being that type of writer, I wanted to know how Amy makes the time to do so much work creatively, and to craft a message.

So, I asked her. And the answer actually blew my mind.

Question: How do you streamline the process for podcasting/writing/performing WHILE PARENTING and doing all the other bad ass things you probably do?

Answer: I have no idea how I do all this. Besides coffee, I do things like try to get enough sleep. Wish I had a better answer or a magic formula. All about just sitting down and doing the work, I guess.

The thing I’m really tired of reading about is all these “life hacks” for getting shit done. There is no single formula, because that formula probably only works for the person who wrote it. Not that the things they teach you aren’t useful in some sense, I’m just tired of someone selling advice about how you can be more productive when they don’t even know how you work or what drives you.

The above is just an honest answer. And it costs you nothing to think about it. So go write. Go do. Just do it.

And check out Amy’s writing on RY Magazine.

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