The Tomb of the Primal Dragon is finally available

After almost eight months of editing, reediting, researching, rereading, and editing, The Tomb of the Primal Dragon is finally available on Amazon.

The novel follows the ongoing excavation of the first emperor of China’s unopened tomb. Arthur Biers, a young historian, gets invited to the project by a tech mogul who wants to start the next media empire in virtual reality. He’s pioneering the use of drones to recreate the deadly tomb in a realistic, and interactive virtual world, and he’s enlisted a famous historian to help translate the legend into a narrative, but there’s been a break-in at the museum.

As the project develops, evidence points to the break-in being a part of something bigger, and it appears that there’s much more going on at the museum than the preservation of historical relics.

The debut novel has been called “A must read,” and “The anthem of the millennial” by readers of the early draft, and it is available on Amazon Kindle, and will be on paperback in time for the holidays.

Order your copy today!

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