New Book Release: You Should Write a F*cking Book

In the last week, I got frustrated looking around the web and seeing very few guides that I would’ve read when i first decided to start writing a book. So this is a work in progress, and maybe terrible, but I wrote and self-published this book in a few days.

You Should Write a F*cking Book is not going to help you become a best seller, it’s not going to help you become a better writer, and it’s not going to help you win awards. The reason I published this is because there are no guides targeting people out there with few skills. WordPress and Kindle are incredible tools, but both communities tend to be very specific. This book is meant to inspire anyone of any age, from the high school dropout to the elderly person who wants to recount their life story, or a business who wants to change the way people think.

Pick up this book if you’re looking for a way to self-publish a book and you want to see how someone did it, so you can it better.

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