You need to get excited to talk.

The best part about having a book out there is using what you’ve written to start conversations with people who are already interested in your topics. Whether you’re a fiction, or non-fiction author, or a small business trying to publish a guide to educate your customers, someone is out there and they have questions for you.

The traditional model for this is built around already established relationships, but with the advent of social media, it’s easy to reach out to a journalist to try to connect with them. Whether it’s through their website, LinkedIn, twitter, or some other means, they’re out there, and they’re looking for great content.

They’re also going to events you might be interested. I’ll work with you while you’re writing your book to try and find people who want to talk to you. I’ll also help you go through your own network, and coach you through reaching out directly to them. Odds are your own network has an opportunity worth reaching out to.

The big question you need to ask: Can I sell more books?