Calling all Writers, Creators, Entrepreneurs, and Artists

I want to talk to you about ideas.

If you want to share a story with me about an idea you had that you pursued recklessly from the moment you felt inspired, be it in a blog, in a recorded video interview, or in person in Austin then feel free to contact me and submit your story. Just email [email protected], and let me know what story you’d like to share in as few words as possible, and tell me if it’s the first moment you realized you could start a business, you could write a story, you could make a film, or anything that made you say “oh shit, I can do this.”

The point of this feature is to emphasize that there’s a singular moment where you have this simple idea, and you see a clear path to execute. And you hear a lot about success stories after people have become successful, but few people share their stories about the moment they came up with that idea. This is meant to highlight those stories.

Let’s talk about your business idea, your novel, your short film, your painting, or any other project that just hit you like a ton of bricks and share how it happened.

Contact: [email protected]

  • Name
  • Format (blog, skype, in-person in Austin etc.)
  • Idea (business, networking group, novel, song, whatever it is) ex. “I could build a social media marketing company”
  • What you were doing when the idea hit you
  • The steps you were able to identify as necessary to make it happen
  • How did it go?
  • How long did it take to get somewhere?
  • How many challenges did you face?

You don’t have to include all of that. You can make it as concise as possible and answer any of the questions above that tell the story.

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