Quick facts:

  • B.A. in History from Syracuse University
  • Worked in content / SEO for a literary PR firm
  • Worked in sales at 3 tech companies
  • Never booked actor (represented in Austin, TX)
  • Won 2nd place in a guitar shredding competition in college




More about the author

Will’s writing has been compared by readers of his early works to classic authors from Hemingway and Hitchens to some of the great defining authors of the modern generation including Michael Crichton and John Grisham.

His debut novel, The Tomb of the Primal Dragon, is a genre bending exploration of both what it’s like living in the modern day in a world where technology eclipses meaning, and an exciting adventure following the geopolitical balance between the world’s great superpowers as they plunge headfirst into the new theater of war, the digital world.

Fans of thrillers looking for a fresh take on the genre as well as those trying to understand how technology is shaping the future will find much to dissect in his writing.